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10 Reasons Why You Love Aviation

There are a lot of things that can put a smile on any pilot's face. Here are a few...

1) The ability to take a hassle-free trip to some pretty cool destinations with friends and family...forget those TSA lines.

Jason Pineau

2) Taking someone up for their first flight in a "small plane" is incredibly rewarding.

Rob Bixby

3) The flight can be as exciting as the destination itself.

Swayne Martin

4) The view is killer.


5) If flying wasn't a challenge, it wouldn't be nearly as rewarding. And without the bad days, there couldn't be any good days.

Jim Raeder

6) There's nothing better than getting paid to do what you love. Whether its flying a Boeing 777 to Tokyo or flying a Cessna 206 for a safari trip in Africa, there are countless careers for pilots.


7) Aviation is all about building and expanding your knowledge, no matter how experienced you are.

Jim Raeder

8) Any pilot will tell you that they met many of their best friends through aviation.

Haley Howard

9) Sure, that lunch trip to another state may not be necessary...but it's fun to use the your pilot privileges to do it.

Swayne Martin

10) Oh yeah, and don't forget about that amazing feeling after nailing a crosswind landing.


Did we miss something that you love about aviation? Tell us in the comments below.

Swayne Martin

Swayne is an editor at Boldmethod, certified flight instructor, and an Embraer 145 First Officer for a regional airline. He graduated as an aviation major from the University of North Dakota in 2018, holds a PIC Type Rating for Cessna Citation Jets (CE-525), and is a former pilot for Mokulele Airlines. He's the author of articles, quizzes and lists on Boldmethod every week. You can reach Swayne at, and follow his flying adventures on his YouTube Channel.

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