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8 Must Have Gifts For Pilots This Holiday Season

Looking for a gift for a pilot? Here are 8 that will light up any pilot's face this holiday season.

8) MyGoFlight Universal Tablet Mount

Looking for a tablet mount that will last for more than 1 device? Then the MyGoFlight universal mount is for you. iPad, Android, or anything else - the mount adjusts to fit any size, even if your tablet is in a case. Starting at $99.

7) Lightspeed Flight Bag

Keep your gear organized, and look good doing it. Lightspeed's new Markham flight bag will help you get the job done in style. Get it for $199.

6) Sennheiser S1 Noisegard Headset

Silence is a beautiful thing. And with active noise reduction packed in this lightweight package, you won't hear a thing (except ATC). Get it for $695

5) Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Nothing says 'Pilot' like a pair of aviator sunglasses. And Ray-Ban's design has been keeping pilot eyes safe and stylish since 1936. Get it for $150

4) Garmin D2 Watch

Tell time and a whole lot more with Garmin's D2 watch. It comes with Direct-to and Nearest buttons, so even if you lose your avionics, you'll never lose your way. Get it for $449

3) OpenAirplane Gift Certificate

Give the gift of flight time with an OpenAirplane gift certificate. With locations across the country, this gift card can get you airborne in nearly every state in the country. Buy your gift certificate here.

2) ForeFlight Subscription

It's more than just maps. ForeFlight has features that will reduce pilot workload and keep you safe. After all, who wouldn't want a spare PFD/MFD in their cockpit? Starting at $74.99.

1) Boldmethod Aviation Clothing

Look good in the cockpit or on the ground with Boldmethod gear. And with awesome new styles launching today, it's the perfect way to sport your aviation style in time for Christmas. Get yours starting at $21.50.

Colin Cutler

Colin is a Boldmethod co-founder, pilot and graphic artist. He's been a flight instructor at the University of North Dakota, an airline pilot on the CRJ-200, and has directed development of numerous commercial and military training systems. You can reach him at

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