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9 US Airports With The Most Runways

Who has the most runways in the United States? We did the research, and here's what we found...

Criterial for the list:

  • Airports are civilian or joint use civilian/military
  • Airports are Class B or Class C
  • Each runway is longer than 1000'
  • Runways are made of concrete or asphalt

9) George Bush Intercontinental Houston - 5 Runways

Houston is home to the largest United Airline's largest passenger carrying hub, it serves over 40 million passengers per year, and it was recently ranked the fastest growing airport in the US. You need a lot of runways to make all of that run smoothly.

Simon Li

8) Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International - 5 Runways

It's the world's busiest airport by passenger traffic, and it has over 48,000 feet of total runway surface to make it all happen.


7) Chicago Midway International - 5 Runways

Midway gives passengers close access to downtown Chicago, and it's also Southwest Airlines' most flown-to destination.

Jim Wissemes

6) Mitchell Airport, Milwaukee - 5 runways

Milwaukee's airport is named after Billy Mitchell, who's known as the father of the US Air Force.


5) Detroit Metropolitan - 6 Runways

Detroit's McNamara Terminal Concourse A is the world's second-longest airport terminal building, at 1 mile long.


4) Boston Logan International - 6 Runways

Over 29 million passengers pass through Logan each year, and the airport has over 16,000 employees to keep things running smoothly.

James Wang

3) Denver International - 6 Runways

When you're a mile high, you need big runways. At 5,431 feet field elevation, Denver has the longest public use runway in the US - Runway 16R/34L is 16,000 feet long.

Steven Smith

2) Dallas-Ft. Worth International - 7 Runways

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and DFW takes the saying literally. In addition to their 7 runways, they're also the 2nd largest airport in the US in terms of total area (17,207 acres).


1) Chicago O'Hare International - 8 Runways

O'Hare tops the list with 8 runways - that's over 74,000 feet of asphalt and concrete...

Corey Seeman

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