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7 Awesome Films To Feed Your Aviation Fix

Have a little time off this summer? Enjoy some AC and watch a movie. Here are seven awesome aviation films - and we didn't even include TOP GUN. Oh, the horror...

Really - just seven you say?!? Yeah, that's intentional. We'll keep posting variations of this theme, and we didn't want to use up all of our favorite movies on the first shot.

Do we have yours? Make use of that comments section and point out what we're missing. We promise to share them in the future...


Who says all the best aviation movies were made 20 years ago? Flyboys (2006) combines vintage aircraft, dogfighting scenes and some great effects...



Yeah - it's a classic. You'll learn what an autopilot does, and why you don't eat the fish...


Apocalypse Now

Ok, it's not an aviation movie, per se. But, it has some pretty awesome Air Cav scenes. Flight of the Valkyries, anyone?


Air America

The CIA may not be behind chemtrails, but were they behind a secret heroin trafficking ring? Mel Gibson shows you what may have been...


Empire of the Sun

A fictional story based on author J. G. Ballard's experiences in China as a young boy - this drama captures aviation from two sides of the war.


The Right Stuff

From breaking the sound barrier to exploring outer space, this flick covers the dawn of the jet age - and the space age.


Tora! Tora! Tora!

This film stunningly captures both sides of Pearl Harbor - with some incredible aerial footage, to boot.


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