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11 Facts About The Cessna 170

Kyle Fosso's rebuilding a wrecked Cessna 170B, literally from the spars up. Unless you fly the backcountry, you may not be familiar this tail-dragging Cessna. It's the forefather to the ubiquitous 172 and Cessna's gateway airplane for the businessman-pilot. Check out these facts - you'll find the 170 paved the way for today's trainers.

The 170 Debuted In 1948, Selling For $5,995

Cessna targeted the "businessman-pilot" who travelled for work.

Jack Snell / Flickr

Adjusted For Inflation, That's $58,775 Today

That's just a little more than a decked-out Chevy pickup.

The Original 170 Had An Aluminum Fuselage, But Fabric Covered, Constant Chord Wings And Zero Dihedral.

A "V" strut kept the wings up, and plain flaps improved slow-speed flight. A 145 hp, Continental C-145 motor pulled it along.

Bill Word / Flickr

In 1949, Cessna Debuted the 170A - Switching To An Aluminum, Tapered Wing With a Single Strut

They kept the plain flaps, but they got a bit bigger.

RedTail_Panther / Flickr

In 1949, Cessna Created The Model 305 From The 170 As A Liaison Aircraft For the US Army

While it derived from the Cessna 170, it was highly modified. The 305 had only two seats in a front-back tandem configuration, as well as redesigned, angled windows and 60 degree modified fowler flaps. It first flew in 1950.

Errol Cavit / Flickr


The Cessna 170B Debued In 1952 - It Had A New Wing Using Dihedral And Fowler Flaps

The Fowler flaps carried over from the Model 305, but only extended to 40 degrees.

Martijn / Flickr

In 1955, Cessna Swapped The Rounded Side Window For A Square

pilot_micha / Flickr

In 1956, Cessna Introduced The 172 - Essentially A 170 With A Nosegear

It was easier to land - and harder to groundloop. Production of the 170 wound to a quick end.

Caleb Howell / Flickr

Cessna Sold Over 5,100 170s Between 1949 And 1957

Andrew W Sieber / Flickr

The FAA Reports 2,374 Cessna 170 Variants Registered Today

Bill Word / Flickr

Alaska Has More 170s Than Any Other State - 361 Airplanes Making Up 15% Of The US 170 Fleet

Anton Chappell / Flickr

Keep following Kyle's series, where we'll cover the process of rebuilding the fuselage and empennage on Wednesday. And check out his Facebook page, 2771C Progress, and his GoFundMe Page to get daily updates on the project.

Aleks Udris

Aleks is a Boldmethod co-founder and technical director. He's worked in safety and operations in the airline industry, and was a flight instructor and course manager for the University of North Dakota. You can reach him at

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