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Can You Continue To Land On This ILS Approach?

Piper Seneca Maurizio Pucci


Aircraft: Piper Seneca
Flight Rules: Part 91

You're on the ILS approach to runway 18 at Collin Country Regional Airport (approach chart at bottom of post). Prior to starting the approach, the weather at the field is:
261953Z AUTO 16005KT 3/4SM BCFG OVC004 14/14 A2964 RMK AO2

You've crossed the outer marker and you're descending on the ILS approach when tower clears you to land on runway 18. Shortly after, tower calls again and reports a special METAR observation with "ground visibility 1/4 mile, patchy fog, and 400 foot ceilings". As tower is announcing the new report, you break out of the overcast layer at approximately 400' AGL.

When you break out of the clouds, you can see the entire runway, however, you notice the control tower and ramp area are obscured by fog.

At this point, can you continue the approach and land, or do you need to execute a missed approach?

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ILS Approach Runway 18
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