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You're Doing A Short Field Takeoff On A Private Pilot Checkride. Then This Happens.

Piper David Fielding

You're giving a private pilot check ride in a Piper Warrior. The flight's going well - until the short-field takeoff.

Your Task:

Should the applicant pass or fail? Read the scenario below, then vote.


You ask the student to perform a short-field takeoff and clear a simulated 100 foot obstacle at the end of the runway. The student configures the airplane, brings the throttle up while holding the brakes, releases the brakes, and starts rolling down the runway.

The student lifts off the runway smoothly, but immediately pitches for Vy (79 KIAS) instead of Vx (63 KIAS). After clearing the obstacle, the student reduces the flaps to 0 degrees and begins to pitch forward for Vy, only to realize they just performed the entire short-field climb at Vy.

Should the student pass or fail? Vote below to tell us what you think! Then add comments to tell us why you made your decision. After you vote, check out these $100 dollar hamburger destinations - and tell us which one's your favorite!

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