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Precision Flying: Red Bull Air Race Returns In 2014

Every pilot aims to improve their skill and precision with each flight. The pinnacle of that skill is back on display this year as the Red Bull Air Races return in 2014. Check out the stats of this low flying, high-speed competition as it gets ready to kick off in February.

Zenith Icon 8

Number of seasons of the Red Bull Air Race.

Zenith Icon 12

Number of pilots that compete in each race.

Zenith Icon 1

Number of crashes in Red Bull Air Race history. In 2010, Adilson Kindlemann crashed his plane into the Swan River in Perth during a training run. He escaped the plane unharmed.

Zenith Icon 25 Feet

Max wingspan of the competition airplanes. With a wing span of 24ft 4in, the Zivko Edge 540 is the most widely used airplane in the Red Bull Air Races.

Zenith Icon 12 Gs

Maximum g-forces allowed by each aircraft in the competition.

Zenith Icon 2

Number of US locations hosting the Red Bull Air Race in 2014. The race will be held September 6-7 in Forth Worth, Texas, and October 11-12 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Red Bull Air Race 2014 Red Bull Media House / Garth Milan

Edge 540 Martin Pettitt
Images Courtesy:

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