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Boston Logan Snow Storm: By The Numbers

Boston Logan Snow Storm:
By The Numbers

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Last week, Boston received its first nor'easter of the year, causing significant numbers of cancellations and delays at Boston Logan Airport (KBOS). How much was the airport affected? We'll break it down by the numbers.

On January 2nd, the nor'easter moved in to the Boston area. Visibilities quickly dropped and snow intensity picked up, with visibilities 1/2 mile or less and moderate to heavy snow and lasting for nearly 24 hours. When the storm was finished, over 10 inches of snow had fallen on Boston Logan airport.

KBOS - Visibility and Precipitation

As the snow started to fly, cancellations and delays piled up. 12 hours into the storm, Boston Logan was operating at half its average number of daily arrivals and departures. The nor-easter moved out of the Boston area quickly on January 3rd, but with airport snow removal operations still occurring until 12:30pm, over 300 flights were cancelled.

KBOS - Daily Operations

Were you at Boston Logan during the storm? If so, tell us about it in comments below!

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