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The Longest Production Run In Aircraft History

Beechcraft Bonanza jikatu

The Beechcraft Bonanza has had an impressive run, and is still being produced today. Check out these stats on the high-powered airplane that helped pave the way for general aviation.

Zenith Icon 67

Number of years the Bonanza has been produced, making it the longest continuous production of any aircraft in US history.

Zenith Icon 1945

First flight of the Bonanza. It was produced to meet post-WWII demand, and was modeled after fighter aircraft flown in the war.

Zenith Icon 1982

Final year the V-tail design Bonanza was produced.

Zenith Icon 17,000+

Total number of Bonanzas that have been produced, making it the 6th most produced general aviation aircraft in US history.

Zenith Icon 42

Total number of variants produced over the Bonanza's history.

Bonanza Ad - 1947
Ad for Bonanza - 1947

Beechcraft Bonanza Aleksander Markin

Beechcraft Bonanza RobBixbyPhotography
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