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Airbus A350 XWB High Altitude Testing In Bolivia

A350 XWB: High Altitude Testing

Airbus A350 Winglet Airbus

The Airbus A350 XWB (Extra Wide Body) is currently undergoing high altitude airfield testing at La Paz, Bolivia, one of the highest airports in the world. The goal of testing is to prove the engines, systems, materials, and overall aircraft behavior can perform under extreme high altitude conditions. Here are some cool facts about the airfield testing, as well as the A350 next-generation airliner.

Jet Icon 13,323 Feet

Field elevation of La Paz airport. This makes it the 5th highest commercial airport in the world.

Jet Icon MSN3

Designation name for the development aircraft in La Paz. MSN3 is one of five A350 test aircraft.

Jet Icon 657,000 Pounds

Max takeoff weight of the A350-900.

Jet Icon 800 Hours

Number of flight test hours that have been accumulated on the A350 so far.

Jet Icon 2,500 Hours

Total number of flight test hours that will be accumulated across the fleet of five A350 test aircraft.

Jet Icon 276-369

Total number of passengers, based on model and seating configuration.

Jet Icon 10,300 NM

Maximum range of the A350-900 in nautical miles.

Jet Icon 41,200 Gallons

Maximum fuel capacity of the A350-900.

Jet Icon 97,000 LB

Maximum thrust produced by each engine on the A350-900.

Jet Icon 53%

Percentage of the total airframe that is made of composite material.

Now that you know the facts, here are some cool photos of the A350. Enjoy!

Airbus A350 Takeoff Airbus

Airbus A350 In Flight Airbus

Airbus A350 Landing Airbus

Airbus A350 Taxi Airbus

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