I Need Your Help And Input

Colin and I are almost done building our upcoming "VFR Charts and Publications" course. We'd like your feedback before we close out the course.

The "VFR Charts and Publications" course covers sectional, world and terminal aeronautical charts. It also covers the Airport/Facility Directory and NOTAMs. We're including interactive practice sessions and tests - similar to what we use in our airspace and weather courses.

However, we're adding something new this time - video. We're including a video highlighting common checkride questions in a "mock-oral" scenario.

So, we'd like your feedback on the questions below. Please include your email address, so Colin or I can personally respond to you. I figure we owe you that if you take the time to help. :)

Thanks - Aleks

What topics on charts, the Airport/Facility Directory, or NOTAMs do you find the most confusing?
What VFR charts, AF/D and NOTAM questions should our mock-checkride video include?
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